Additional rows of seats

We will install additional seats, creating the possibility to carry passengers. It is possible to install one additional row of seats, depending on the width of the van, 3 or 4 additional seats. The auxiliary seats are bolted to the floor, along the rails or with a quick release along the rails. Additional seats on quick-release longitudinal rails can also be removed. We separate the passenger and cargo space with a partition. The passenger compartment is upholstered with fabric, it is possible to add windows, build a sunroof, install additional lighting and insulation. We are building M1 category vehicles as a special project.


As an accessory, we offer plywood for the van’s cargo space when converting vans. The covered cargo space significantly helps to protect the interior of the vehicle from various damages. The plywood installed by Bennett Grupp is water and moisture resistant, and the plywood covering the interior of the van is also easy to maintain. The plywood details of the cargo space are drawn according to the make and model of the van and cut out on a CNC bench.

Covering surfaces with Polyrea

The surface of the van’s cargo area is covered with sprayable polyrea. A special two-component material makes it possible to obtain joint-free monolithic coatings, which are used as waterproofing, corrosion protection, abrasion protection and finishing. The polyrea coating material has a very high resistance to the long-term effects of various chemicals, water and ultraviolet radiation. Polyred surfaces are easy to maintain, keeping the cargo area clean and tidy.

We also offer the following solutions for the conversion:

  • Equipment for disabled persons

  • Additional rows of seats
  • Partitions
  • Plywooding
  • Additional windows
  • Padding
  • Sliding roofs

  • Covering surfaces with Polyrea
  • Nerf bars
  • Tailgate lifts
  • Wind deflectors
  • Moto buses
  • Medical transport
  • Strobe lights and other work lights

Completed work