Shelving systems

We offer various shelf and drawer system solutions. When assembling the shelves, we take into account the dimensions and purpose of the van. Cargo space shelves offer a good opportunity to store and transport the necessary tools and materials. Carefully thought-out cargo space interior is safe for the occupant, shelving systems create cargo space order and allow the necessary accessories to be found quickly. In our selection, we offer a shelf system made of high – quality moisture – resistant plywood, which is designed according to the customer ‘s wishes and cut out using a CNC machine. Using the CNC milling method, we manufacture larger details of shelf systems and more complex design elements as well.

Overview of cargo space content selection:

  • Blocks of drawers
  • Blocks of drawers installed under a double-floor
  • Shelves with holders
  • Removable tool cases
  • Foldable work surfaces

Completed work